St. Barth Events

  • December, 2018
  • December, 31New Year’s Eve
    Music and dancing on the dock, Quai Général de Gaulle, and fireworks at midnight; Parties in various restaurants.
  • January, 2019
  • January, 04 - 05Ballets
    Ballets on the Quai General de Gaulle,
    with dancers from the Paris Opera.
  • January, 12 - 20St Barth Music Festival
    Jazz and chamber music concert in the churches
    of Gustavia and Lorient, with artists of international renown.
  • February, 2019
  • February, 07School Carnival
    Costume parade for children in the streets
    of Gustavia.
  • March, 2019
  • March, 05Mardi Gras
    Costume parade in the streets of Gustavia.
  • March, 21 - 24Bucket Regatta
    3 days of regattas around St Barth for a fleet of
    the largest, most prestigious sailing yachts.
  • April, 2019
  • April, 04 - 13Book Fesival and Jazz
    Jazz Concerts and author’s intervention in schools, Reading of texts and poems, workshop. Miscellaneous,
    dedications and second-hand books free-fair.
  • April, 14 - 20St. Barth Sail
    6 days of regattas with the nicest Sailing boats of
    the world, yachts classics to maxi yachts.
  • April, 26 - 28West Indies Regatta
    3 days event held annually over the Mayday
    weekend in St Barth celebrating traditional West
    Indian sails. More of a wooden boat festival than
    a competitive regatta, the purpose of the event is
    to promote & encourage traditional boatbuilding
    in the Caribbean.
  • April, 28 - 01Kid's Trophy
    Major tennis tournament for kids from around the
  • April, 28 - 05St. Barth Film Festival
    5 days with films from around the Caribbean
    basin and about Caribbean culture.
  • May, 2019
  • May, 01Tour Of St. Barth
    Around the island event for windsurfing and
    catamarans, St Jean beach.
  • May, 03 - 26St Barth Theatre Festival
    One week of theatre organized by SB Artists,
    accomodating artists and professional cies
    from France.
  • May, 03 - 26Chess Championship
    Concourt organized by Saint-Barth Chess.
  • June, 2019
  • June, 21Music Celebrations
    Music on the dock from 5pm.
  • July, 2019
  • July, 14Bastille Day
    Fireworks and dancing on the dock in Gustavia.
  • July, 14St. Barth Summer Camp
    A Yoga and fitness challenge.
  • July, 27 - 28Flamands Fete
    Various activities on Flamands Beach.
  • August, 2019
  • August, 01 - 14St. Barth Tennis Open
    The sports event of the summer is the island’ largest
    tennis tournament. For men, women and children,
    on the tennis courts in the sports center in St. Jean.
  • August, 03 - 04Windward Fete
    Fishing tournament, regattas, various games, music, volleyball, raffle, and dancing: Village of Lorient.
  • August, 13Gustavia Fete
    Games, competitions, and various activities
    organized on the dock Général de Gaulle.
  • August, 24St Barthemely Saint’s Day
    Commemoration of the island’s patron saint.
    Official ceremonies, regattas, various games,
    fireworks and dancing on the dock Général de
  • August, 25St. Louis Fete
    Various activities and tournaments, regattas,
    games, raffles, dance performances and music :
    Village of Corossol.
  • October, 2019
  • October, 31 - 03St. Barth Gourmet Festival
    The first international festival of food in the
  • November, 2019
  • November, 09 - 10Piteå Day
    Commemoration of the twin cities of St Barth and
    Piteå (in Sweden), and annual marathon races
    of St Barthélemy : the children’s race and the
  • November, 11 - 18St. Barth Cata Cup
    Catamaran Regatta on St Jean beach
  • December, 2019
  • December, 05 - 22Christmas Village
    Christmas market and festivities on the dock
    Général de Gaulle.
  • December, 07Firemen Celebration
    Parade of vehicles of fire brigades at 9.00 am in
    the Streets of Gustavia with photography sessions
    for all and organized ball.
  • December, 31New Year's Eve
    Music and dancing on the dock, Quai Général de
    Gaulle, and fireworks at midnight, Gustavia; Parties in various restaurants.
  • December, 31New Year's Eve Regatta
    Just-for-fun race around the island, open to
    sailboats of all sizes, local and those present for
    the holidays.

For more information, please visit the St. Barth official tourist information website.

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